Masked Africa sells facial masks to the general public, corporate and schools. We are one of the leading image branding facial mask suppliers to the corporate and public market. A portion of our sales goes towards SOUTHERN African Conservation and Education.

our supporters

Credits: Brand new song, ‘Magic’, by EES, uniting all Namibians, all over the world & sending out a strong message of positive motivation. Thank you to EES for allowing us to share your amazing song, please click on the link to follow EES!

about us

Masked Africa is an initiative drive to raise funds and in support of some great causes. We will be supplying and selling COVID 19 approved face masks in support of our conservation drives and suppliers to overcome the shortage of funding provided to the tourism sector. As a project to raise funds to ensure the continued work of nature conservation projects and related jobs that not only look after our animals but the dedicated staff too.

What do our triple layers consist of?

  • LAYER 1: 110gsm cotton to keep dust and particles out.
  • LAYER 2: Spun bound inner as used in surgical masks for effective filtration.
  • LAYER 3: 110gsm cotton for absorption of moisture and droplets.

our partners

In a fortuitous series of events, two all female owned, proudly South African brands have come together during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Poly, a local swimwear brand and The T-Shirt Bed Co. a luxury Bed linen manufacturer have banded forces to supply their increasing need for cloth masks in SA.

In three short weeks we have had to double production capability twice and have even taken on new premises for much needed space!

We are most proud to be able to offer work to unemployed seamstresses in this time of need, having already created employment for over 20 local ladies who otherwise would have been unemployed during these desperate times. 

We are proudly supplying Doctors without Borders and have donated over 1000masks to the local community.

The work space and manufacture:

We follow strict hygiene standards and protocol including private transport for our workers and endeavour to support and help our ‘new family’ in any way possible. Our masks meet the highest specification, in line with all government recommended protocol.



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